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Business Brokerage

Mike Leads our Business Brokerage Department.  Mike has been described as effortlessly trendy in the New York/ LI Business Brokerage Field.  Our team understands what both buyers and sellers of businesses are looking for. We specialize in bringing qualified buyers and business sellers together, then assisting them with a seamless transfer of business ownership.

We have an extensive database of investors and buyers, nationwide listings and interactive information from many sources.  Many factors can prevent you from realizing the full value of your company. It is crucial to enlist the help of an experienced and trusted business brokerage when you decide to sell. Skilled business brokers can confidently market your company, but much more is required to get the full benefit of the sale of your business. 

You will be served by experienced senior level business brokers who assure a high level of confidentiality and professionalism. 

​Business brokers have an important role to play when buying your business and we will be a solid asset to help you complete the transaction. 

If you are looking to sell your business look no further e-mail him at Mike@CRNUS.com


​Bobby is the  Director of Finance.  His Team offers a wide array of options to Property Owners and Investors.

Many of you have reached out to us, concerned about Buying, Refinancing or Developing a property when banks appear reluctant to execute.  While partly true, many banks and other capital sources have simply narrowed their focus.  Let us take the guess work out of your search for capital.  
Bobby comes to CRN with many years of Experience and Strong Nationwide Relationships with a variety of Capital Sources including International Banks, Insurance Companies, Trade Union Banks, etc. Whatever your financing needs – anywhere in the U.S., we will find the Best Capital Source for your Deal.

For more info please send and an e-mail to Bobby@CRNUS.com



Own a Property That Might go to Foreclosure?

Need to Sell a Property Quickly?

Contact Us Now: We Will Get You More Than You Owe


Have Borrowers Delinquent In Their Payments?  

Call Us Early – We want to Make Sure You Get the Money You Are Owed


Looking For Pre-Foreclosure/Auction Property?

Get direct access to a wide SELECTION of properties.  Not sure what to bid or what property is worth?  Because it is difficult to perform due diligence, appraisals etc, we will GUIDE you – after all, we Evaluate/Finance/Lease/Sell over 100 Com’l Properties a year in NYC-Long Island.
We EXECUTE such that the Borrower, Bank and Buyer like the Deal

For more info send Steve an e-mail at Steve@CRNUS.com


We are the SOLE major Commercial Real Estate brokerage on LI that ONLY Represents Property Owners.  Why? If we had agents that were Tenant Reps also - then we would be conflicted.  We would want to put our OWN tenants into leases at a low value.  Hire a broker that will represent YOU.

Leasing Director, Don and his leasing team are ready to help landlords and ONLY landlords - Office, Retail, Industrial, Apartment

The big guys manage LOTS of properties AND have relationships with Large Companies AND get paid to MANAGE the buildings that they are supposed to be lowering the costs for.  We believe that is a conflict of interest.  After all, they might try to ONLY bring the tenants they represent.  Should they get the highest lease for you or should they get the lowest lease price for their tenant?  Hmmm.  

We do NOT do ANY tenant representation and we do NOT manage any buildings.  We want to represent YOU - the property owner.  We will go to ALL the other brokers and tenants and get the RIGHT company to lease your property. Need to find a place?  We can do that too - but given we don't own any properties - we will find the RIGHT location for YOU.  Contact Donald@CRNUS.com to discuss how we are best for landlords.